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Saddle-up Answers - Sarcoids

E.W. Cumbria wrote:  A young mare has developed a sarcoid between her front legs.  She knocks it and makes it bleed when lying down (it is well in front of the girth area.)  What treatments are there for sarcoids? 

Equine sarcoid is the most commonly diagnosed tumour in horses.  They can occur  spontaneously, or at the site of a previous injury.  They are common in young horses and usually occur around the head, ears, limbs, and abdomen.  The correct treatment, given early, offers the best chance of a successful outcome.

A veterinary examination is essential, because sarcoids can be confused with other growths that are malignant and may spread internally.  Surgical removal is often combined with cryosurgery (freezing) or immunotherapy.   Radiation therapy is a possible alternative, although expensive.   

Various topical applications were recommended by several readers - however, none of these have been properly researched and - even if they have appeared to be successful in odd cases - it is also possible that the sarcoid being 'treated' disappeared naturally.  Therefore, we strongly advise against home remedies and suggest a consultation with a good equine vet.

Information about sarcoid on the internet.
Liverpool University
- Leahurst undoubtedly the best information available.

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