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Saddle-up Answers -
Shying in Traffic
from S.R. Essex.  My 5 year old part TB is good in traffic in company.  But on his own, he's a menace - shying at everything that moves!  Any suggestions other than patience?   



This is a problem Saddle-up's editor has faced.  This young horse gets confidence from other horses - and they also distract him from his fears.  He is young - so patience is the best solution.  But, when riding alone, keep him busy and paying attention to you!  Talk to him, and keep asking him to do something slightly different - lengthen stride, shorten stride, plenty of transitions - even just trot to walk and walk to trot - but try to do them well.  If he's concentrating on what you're asking him to do, he'll be less likely to be distracted.


Darcy writes:  I have a TB mare and when I first got her she shied at everything. With time I would ride her just a little ways from home and further each time. Each time she became better and the more I rode her she would trust me more.

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