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Archive - What bedding do you use?


Option Votes Percent
Straw 12
Shavings 16
Auboise 1
Rubber mats (one piece) 1
Rubber mats (sectioned) 5
Shredded Paper 0 0%
Chopped Straw 2
Never stabled! 1
Other...... 2

Percentage of members that have voted:
Total Votes: 40


-- Posted by Sadie on Nov. 22, 2001

There have been loads of threads debating the various types of bedding, but I thought it would be interesting to have a poll of who actually uses what type, and the reasons why.

Sadie's on straw at the moment, although I have used shavings in the dim distant past for cost reasons (got them free from sawmill!).  

-- Posted by Cookie on Nov. 22, 2001

Got to say straw for me, although the only other things I've tried are shavings and aubiouse.  Hated both.  B has the habit of "mushing" and I just ended up with a dark and unattractive looking bed.  

I still think a nice deep straw bed looks nice and comfy - although I'd like to have a go at rubber matting, but it's an expensive investment if they end up not liking it!

-- Posted by scoobydoo on Nov. 22, 2001

I like shavings, my horse is only in for 4 hours a day so I deep litter his bed.  I find that deep litter straw gets smelly and wet underneath, whereas shavings pack down nicely.  Easy to skip out as well - it takes me 5 mins with a pair of rubber gloves.  I would also like rubber matting, but again, its an expensive outlay.

I have used paper, and found it incredibly difficult to muck out!

-- Posted by abby on Nov. 22, 2001

I have swapped from shavings to Easibed, ned is mucked out daily and bed is much lighter to muck out. Wee drains through to the floor so just leave bed up while I ride to dry out and lo and behold, nice clean bed.

He has his legs bandaged at night (well leg wraps) and it just shakes off, no more dandy brushing off and it doesn't get in his mega-thick tail like shavings did or get stuck in his plaits if I do them the night before! (he's found a new trick for getting messy on show days though - the salt lick is a wonderful rubbing post especially when you are black, the salt lick is white and your long suffering mother has spent hours brushing/cleaning/plaiting you the day before!) But at least his tail's clean!

-- Posted by DunPony on Nov. 22, 2001

I muck out 3 stables - 2 with straw over rubber and 1 plain straw.  I would prefer to use shavings (or something else!) but the cost is prohibitive as I only pay for the straw to be baled.

-- Posted by Kamikaze on Nov. 22, 2001

Both mine are on straw.  It is grown and baled on the farm and is included in the livery.
I love the look of a lovely fluffy straw bed.  I probably make them too big but both mine seem to spend all night lying down sleeping and they snuggle in.  I think it is warmer for them.  Keeps me warm anyway when I have sat in it for any length of time.

Also I build nice big banks, cos Sultie uses his as a pillow and again I think it keeps them warm.

I wouldn't mind using shavings but don't think you can build such nice banks.  I like rubber matting too.  I worked at a yard for a bit and mucking out was much quicker but don't think they look so inviting and comfortable and the horses get filthy.  So all in all I love their straw beds!!

-- Posted by scoobydoo on Nov. 22, 2001

I've never found that Scoobs gets dirty with shavings, but I'm lucky in that he's a very clean horse, and I have a 28' x 12'stable so he poos at one end and sleeps the other.

-- Posted by cloudnine on Nov. 22, 2001

I always thinks that straw looks really warm and comfortable and as they say - a bed should look good enough to sleep on yourself! I do prefer mucking out shavings on rubber and sometimes change to them in the summer when the horses aren't in as often

-- Posted by Whisper on Nov. 22, 2001

find straw cosy and warm for the horses, you can have it really deep for them and it's extremely cheap.

-- Posted by millie on Nov. 22, 2001

 I'm on rubber with a few shavings sprinkled where he pees, but I'm thinking about putting him a bigger bed down when I can go 'bagging' again! 

-- Posted by Sadie on Nov. 22, 2001

Abby - what's Easibed made from?  And how much does it cost?

-- Posted by EventerAlly on Nov. 23, 2001

Here you pretty much choose from shavings and oh yeah, shavings. Straw is pretty hard to come by in my neck of the woods (Canada) and if you can find it is more expensive than hay. Most stalls have rubber mats under too.

-- Posted by Sadie on Nov. 23, 2001

A small sample so far, but interesting results!  Personally, I didn't expect to see nearly 20% of people using rubber mats....thought there would be loads more on straw and shavings.  

I'm tempted to think about rubber mats, especially if straw is going to be scarce this winter - but I suspect that I, too, wouldn't be able to resist putting a nice deep comfy looking bed down on top, thereby defeating the object!! 

So, does ANYONE know what Easibed is made from?  And how much it costs?

-- Posted by RuthE on Nov. 23, 2001

I have only every used straw, at my first yard it was included in the price of the livery and at the second I had to buy my own but it was much cheaper than anything else and also the yard owner preferred us to use straw as it was easier to get rid of the manure. My pony is now field kept so I don't have to worry about choice of bedding.

-- Posted by Anonimouse on Nov. 24, 2001

I love clean straw, it's cheap so you can bung a load in, and it always looks inviting.  Have had my boy on shavings and paper in the past.  Paper is the pits. With shavings I found the wet was really heavy, his feet dried out and although clean you can become obsessive about picking the bits. 


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