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Farrier's Formula


-- Posted by catherine on Oct. 8, 2001

My horse's hooves have improved from their pitiful state when I first bought him over a year ago, but I'm getting impatient now and want faster results! He is TB, stabled mostly at the moment with ad lib hay - being fed competition mix + oats (he's a laid back TB!) + alfa A + equilibra + glycoflex (glucosamine etc). He is ridden daily - schooling, hacking, bit of competing.  

I have read really good reports of Farriers' Formula - but, if your horse is already being correctly fed, is there any point in feeding it? It is very expensive! Or does it have extra biotin?? Any suggestions/experience anyone?

-- Posted by JanetGeorge on Oct. 8, 2001

I first used Farrier's Formula on my big lump Ruby, who had shelly feet and was pulling shoes off with gay abandon!  (And she was eating huge quantities of a balanced diet.)  But the improvement in her feet within 3 months was such I put all my neddies on it.

It's not cheap - having said that, there are two others - one is Farrier's Friend and one is Farrier's Choice, I think.  Our feed merchant has an analysis of all 3 in a comparison table and one (and I can't remember which) appears to have a better analysis than Formula at a better price.  

-- Posted by Ally Sole on Oct. 8, 2001

Have been using Farriers Formula for about 4 months on my Welsh Cob, who is a very good doer (only gets Dengie Good Doer apart from the FF).  She had developed very badly cracked hooves, but since we've been using the FF the improvement is amazing- can thoroughly recommend it.  The new growth is fast and of much better quality it's certainly worth the money.  Although her coat was good before it's even better now.  Even when you bring her in from the field, before grooming, you can just about see your face in her coat it's that glossy.

-- Posted by catherine on Oct. 9, 2001

I've put the same message on BHS & IH board - differing views - now totally confused!! I've also looked at the FF website ( I think) which has very scary stuff about copy products.


-- Posted by scoobydoo on Oct. 9, 2001

My farrier recommended it (he sells it funnily enough) but I decided to try Dodson & Horrell Surefoot.  Scooby has been on it for 2 years now and has excellent feet, according to my farrier.  Beforehand, I couldn't use studs because his feet were so weak and he lost several shoes over a summer, this years he's worn studs every weekend and hasn't lost a single shoe (bet there's one off when I go to see him this evening now!) )

 Surefoot is certainly cheaper.  25 for a tub which lasts about 12 weeks.


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