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Regumate - Stroppy Mare


-- Posted by PaulineW on Oct. 8, 2001

Vet was out on Thursday, and has put my very stroppy mare on Regumate as he said she has hormonal problems.  She has to be on it for 10 days and he thinks after that she will be fine, but she might have to be on it forever, or maybe just in the summer.  

I was just wondering if anyone had ever tried it cause it's really expensive, of course if my horse needs it she will have it but I don't want to spend money on something that wont work!  I suppose I will just have to try it and see eh?

Anyway if anyone has any views on it, please let me know.

-- Posted by Claire 

Pauline, I haven't tried Regumate but am using Moody Mare (Wendels herbs) for my girl.  Huge tub for about 12 and the difference in her is amazing, used to feel like bomb ready to go off, would occasionally rear on way to field, charging about like a loony (she is only 4!) but now a real sweetie to do, ride (even have to use schooling whip to get her going sometimes!!!) turn out, shoe.....

-- Posted by PaulineW 

I have used Stroppy Mare before and my mare wouldn't touch it.  I don't think she liked the taste.  It was herbs as well so I am assuming that moody mare would be the same, but if anyone knew anything like this that was just a powder not herbal I would like to try that.

-- Posted by tickety boo 

How about 'Hormonise'? It's a liquid, so is absorbed into blood quicker, and mixes into their tea easily - it's by equine health and herbal, the ones that make 'No Bute' etc.

I used it last winter as my mare became very 'clingy' to another mare. Max. recommended dose for about 3 months - then gradually knock it down to just a minimum dose to keep it 'ticking over'. I found it really helpful, brought her self confidence back, and stopped her spooking and neighing while riding out.


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