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Anti-rub bibs



-- Posted by RuthE  on Oct. 8, 2001

I need to get a new anti rub bib for my cob as her old one has fallen apart.  I can't believe how many different sorts there are on the market now!  Which is the best for a pony who will be living out all winter?

Also I am not sure what size she will need, she is 14.1 1/2 hh but is a very heavyweight cob with a broad chest, takes a 6'3" rug and has a neck like a tree trunk (only fluffier!)

-- Posted by michelles on Oct. 9, 2001

Bossy bibs are absolutely brilliant, they will even put a zip down the front if you need it.  I think they have a web site but the address defeats me.  I do know that when you ring to order they take all sorts of measurements and seem to remember that they will size them to your horse rather than you trying to size your horse to the bib, (hope that makes sense) .

-- Posted by LizCobby on Oct. 9, 2001

We have tried several, but prefer Bossy's as they as so thin and silky- for a pony living out they won't get so wet as to get heavy. Also no straps or fastenings to come undone or get caught up when turned out.,

You could have two- they rinse through and dry overnight indoors, - so she always has a clean dry one under her rug.  We had to measure 'collar' size and found one off the peg fitted - albeit a 17 H version for a 15HH cob- but as the length doesn't matter, it was fine.

-- Posted by LizCobby on 12:26 pm on Oct. 9, 2001

is one online shop, but I would measure and phone them for circumference of neck size.

-- Posted by sarjay on Oct. 9, 2001

I use neoprene ones which are ok, nothing special though. I think the most important thing is to remember that prevention is better then cure! Put the bib on before they get rubbed not after! I made this mistake and the hair didn't grow back til spring, even though I then put the bib on!

-- Posted by PaulineW on Oct. 9, 2001

I am using a Masta one and it is really good!  Really thin and soft.  There were lots of different sizes as well!  I got one that fits my 14.3 perfectly and it was only 9.

-- Posted by cloudnine on Oct. 21, 2001

Would only use bossy's now after trying so many these are the only ones with a really good fit.

-- Posted by Millie on Oct. 21, 2001

Hiya! I've got a Polly Products one & love it! Only one problem is that when using with a wug/wug plus it cannot fasten onto breast strap so slides round! 

-- Posted by issyhotten on Oct. 21, 2001

Best is to buy Lansdown stable rugs, and well-fitting NZ.
I have  a horse with sensitive skin, and he's never needed an anti-rub ANYTHING under his rugs!.


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