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What sort of clip?


(from Pauline)
What kind of clip do you suggest that I get for my mare this year?  She hasn't been doing much recently due to not being very well but she is slowly coming back into work!  Realistically she will probably only be ridden about 3 times a week during the winter.

She is really really hairy already though and gets very sweaty when we even start to do anything!

I was thinking of waiting to clip her until about start of November.

Will she be living out, or be turned out every day?
Ours are out 7 am to 6 pm, so I just do a low Chaser clip. ( With NZ rugs)
From stifle to lower jaw,  up to the bottom of the saddle flap ( to get sides level) and then following the lower muscle bulge on the neck so that rain  runs off the unclipped bit- just clipping up to but not higher than the widest part, not going right up to the mane or ears.

This also saves having to clip around or between the hind legs and all the whorls round chubby bottoms.

If they did more frequent or faster work, they I would have to trace clip, but I could not take neck off for a blanket clip unless they were only out for a shorter time each day.

She will be stabled at night and out all day every day except if the weather is really bad and she will be rugged up day and night.
Then the choice is pretty much up to you - take enough off so that she doesn't take forever to dry after she's been worked. You may start with a trace / dealer / chaser or something similar. You may need a blanket!. Personally I would try a trace first - not too high, but not too low either. The next clip can always take more off).
If she's REALLY REALLY hairy, you could do a full clip first, and then trace clip later - I often do this. Means there's less thick hair on the back, but some protection after it starts getting very cold.


If I was you I would do either a trace clip or a low chaser clip - aiming to take some of the neck off and under the belly and between the back legs (often v. sweaty there!) - as long as they are in at night there is no problem.


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