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Archive - Multi-Vitamins




-- Posted by TF1 on Nov. 9, 2001

I'm getting desperate now to find a multi vitamin for Robin.
He's recovering from a virus and the really strong multi vitamin prescribed by vet is running out. She suggested that when it ran out I should put him on a multi vitamin you can buy from saddlers (ie one "off the shelf") but thus far I've only heard of Selenevite E and Codlivine (although don't know which version of Codlivine as there appear to be loads).
I need a recommendation/suggestion for a decent worthwhile multi vitamin additive.
Any ideas?

-- Posted by Painthorse on Nov. 9, 2001

The horse at our yard has had Colic and has a stomach tumor (I think) and he is on Selenevite E for vitamins, but what about Equavite as this is a general multivit I think.  Also a horse at our yard that had a nasty virus was put onto seweed to help him.

-- Posted by cnp on Nov. 9, 2001

Dengie Optimum (Vitamin and Mineral supplement),
Is a good general purpose supplement which won't break the bank.
Check out

-- Posted by Sharon H on Nov. 9, 2001

Kossolian is a good one.

-- Posted by ajalita  on Nov. 9, 2001

I would definitely recommend Equivite.

-- Posted by LizCobby on Nov. 9, 2001

Yes, unless a diagnosed deficiency of a specific requirement, I'd go for Equivate- been around longer than most and still just as good.

If in less than good condition after being poorly, I'd also spend out on some Blue Chip. We are using it for veterans and just Blue Chip and chaff ( as well as grazing all day and hay all night)  for cheeky tubby cobs.

-- Posted by DunPony on Nov. 9, 2001

I would go for Surelimb by Dodson &Horrell - its got the highest level of vits & mins I've found.

-- Posted by issyhotten on Nov. 9, 2001

Farriers Formula?



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