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Which rug?


 I have to buy a new heavyweight turnout rug for one of my horses this winter and I wonder what you would recommend? My other horse has a Rambo Turnout, which is brilliant, but a.) they don't seem to be as widely available as before and b.) I haven't got anywhere near as much money as I had when I bought that one. I am wondering about a Robinson's "Cosy" Field Turnout - has anyone got one and are they any good?

I know that a lot of people are going for the new Weatherbeeta rugs. They're really good and they've sold out of both of our local tack shops!!!

I don't know about the Robinson's rug so it might be better.

Must admit that I am a Rambo/Rhino fan but they are expensive .... have just ordered a cosy fleece from Robinsons which i know is a lot different to a turnout rug but it may give me an idea of quality when it arrives - will let you know what I think if you want?
I bought a new rug last year, and finances couldn't stretch to a Rambo (my favourite), so I got a Weatherbeeta outlander.  It fits brilliantly, was in constant use last winter and still looks like new!  I think it cost around 50.
I haven't got a cosy field rug, but did order one for my daughters pony once, but sent it back cos it didn't fit! It was nowhere near deep enough, and this was a 5' rug on a 12hh pony!

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