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Training Aids - Pressure Halters



Posted by clipclop on Oct. 1, 2001

I used a pressure halter on my mare tonight and it works wonders!!  I was wondering if anyone knew where I can get one from?  I used the 'Be Nice' but I was hoping to get  the Richard Maxwell one. Any ideas?  Also does anyone know how many 's they are?

-- Posted by Ros B 

Have a look at  They do a webbing endurance bridle which converts into a controller headcollar - costs about 30.  Not strictly speaking a pressure headcollar, but gives a bit of extra control.   Alternatively, the low tech approach is to wrap the lead rope round your horses nose and thread it back through the headcollar - works like a choke chain on a dog, and only comes into effect when needed!

-- Posted by bellabothka 

I have a Monty Roberts one - bought it three years ago cost 30. then  - was good for loading difficult mare but haven't found it useful  really for anything else - what can I say my girls are perfect!

-- Posted by Painthorse 

If you go onto the Money Roberts website they sell them there and they are about 40 if I can remember rightly, but they look just a headcoller with like a leadrope over the nose and through the other side.

-- Posted by WelshFox 

I've got one of the black controller headcollars (bought it in CAM).  It is the type with knots (don't know if that's what they're called) in certain places which puts pressure on if the horse behaves badly.  It is basically a rope style headcollar.

I used it when I had difficulty leading my boy as he used to take off!

-- Posted by sjm72 on 12:25 pm on Oct. 2, 2001

I bought a Monty Roberts one from one of his demos - about 30? - they have the Be Nice halters for 30 

-- Posted by sarjay 

I got my Be Nice from my local tack shop - and it is wonderful! Especially for loading and also my mare developed a nasty habit of pulling away when being led which the Be Nice stopped.

-- Posted by Dalesponyrider 

You can find instructions on how to tie your own rope halter on:


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