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Bookshop - Stable Management

This selection offers comprehensive advice and assistance on all aspects of stable management, feeding and care for the horse owner or career student.

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Horse and Stable Management (Incorporating "Horse Care")
Jeremy Houghton-Brown, Sarah Pilliner, Vincent Powell-Smith
The BHS Complete Manual of Stable Management
British Horse Society, Islay Auty FBHS (Editor)
Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners
M. Horace Hayes FRCVS, Peter D. Rossdale MA PhD FACVSc DESM FRCVS (Editor), Fiona Silver (Illustrator)
First published in 1994, the authors have combined the book with its companion volume, "Horse Care", to provide a comprehensive text that covers all aspects of horse care in a single volume.  Providing the knowledge needed to understand how horses function and how best to care for them, the book clearly explains the theory behind modern equine practices.  This single-volume edition supersedes the previous seven-volume series on stable management. It is designed to provide a sound foundation for Horse Knowledge and Care, stages one to four, and for the BHS Stable Manager's Certificate, and offers horse owners a guide to the care and management of horses and ponies.  This comprehensive manual of horse medicine and surgery, explains the symptoms and treatment of every disease or injury that the horse owner is likely to encounter. Suitable for novices and experts alike,   and this latest revised edition has entirely new illustrations and photographs.
The Complete Performance Horse : Preventive Medicine, Fitness, Feeding, Lameness
~Colin Vogel
Feeding Horses & Ponies
Susan McBane

This guide brings together the most important aspects of the care of the competition horse. It gives the facts on correct feeding and helps owners choose the best training methods for their animal. It also provides a comprehensive account of the causes and treatments of all kinds of lameness. Feeding can be confusing. The actual feed content of basic feedstuffs may be variable.  Reputable branded feeds are usually well-balanced, but are expensive.  The facts about feeding horses and ponies are presented clearly, with a final "problem" section containing real-life case studies showing the dangers of incorrect feeding.   


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