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Probably the best advice we can give to anyone thinking of breeding horses is DON'T!  There are too many horses in the UK and the costs of breeding a foal far outweigh its value in at least 95% of cases.


  • My mare can't be ridden

  • I don't want to ride her but I can't sell her

  • I want to make money (NO!)

  • I'd like a foal around the place


If your mare is well-bred, has performed well, and if you have the facilities, the time and the money to look after her and her foal/s until the latter are at least 4 years old, then - and only then - is it worth considering.

Choosing a stallion

Expectant Mare (US)
Assuring the Health and Well-Being of the Pregnant Mare

Foal Growth (US)
Special Care and Nutrition

Foaling Mare (US)
Preparing for a Safe and Successful Foal Delivery


   More books on breeding

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