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Cover Price 2.60 

Subscription price 28.00 

Issues Per Subscription 13 

Save 17%

Cover Price 2.75 

Subscription price 31.00 

Issues Per Subscription 12 

Save 6%

Britain's best selling horse magazine. Every issue gives a step-by-step guide on all aspects of riding and stable management. Helping you care for and enjoy your horses. 

The only independently produced international magazine for dressage riders, circulating to over 40 countries worldwide. Contents include improving your technique, personality profiles, breeding and feeding, together with competition news and show reports from around the world.  Dressage is the essential source of information for beginners to top level competitors alike. 
Cover Price 1.70 

Subscription price 88.40 

Issues Per Subscription 52 
Cover Price 3.10 

Subscription price 28.99 

Issues Per Subscription 11 

Save 15%

More than just a magazine, Horse & Hound is essential reading for the professional and amateur alike, the perfect way to be a real part of the world of horses. Authoritative, informative and entertaining: whatever your interest - eventing, dressage, hunting, racing, point to point, show jumping or endurance riding. All the latest unrivalled news and results coverage on all equestrian sport. 

Eventing is the No1. International magazine for the sport of horse trials, for the dedicated eventer and aspiring beginner alike. Eventing is packed with all the essential news and information on horse trials, show jumping, and dressage. Every issue gives you unrivalled coverage of horse trials plus exclusive reports from around the globe. 
Cover Price 2.60 

Subscription price 28.08 

Issues Per Subscription 12 

Save 10%

Lively, informative and reliable, each issue is packed full of entertaining features, expert advice and celebrity tips. Horse magazine's editorial focuses on real riders' experiences, with detailed question and answer pages, equipment reviews and campaigns. 


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