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Spinal Research


Horse Welfare 

Saddle-up's favourite horse welfare charity
Equine Market Watch

British Horse Society Rescue Centre 
Reg.Charity No 210504
 Rehabilitates ill-treated and neglected horses. 
Adopt-a-pony and free on-line advice leaflets.

The Donkey Sanctuary 
Reg.Charity, No. 264818
Takes care of donkeys in the UK and Ireland.

International League for the Protection of Horses
Reg. Charity No 206658
Provides training in horsemanship in the developing world 
and fights cruelty in the United Kingdom

Only Foals and Horses Sanctuary 
Reg. Charity No 1053861
Rescues, rehomes and retires horses and ponies who have suffered 
neglect or cruelty.

The Home of Rest for Horses 
Reg. charity 231748
Looks after up to 120 retired horses, ponies and donkeys 
from all walks of life. Chilterns, Bucks..

The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre 
Reg. charity 1020048
Working to rehabilitate and find homes for ex-racehorses.

The Brooke Hospital 
Registered Charity Number 207869
Dedicated to working equines in Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan and India.
 It provides over 500,000 free, veterinary treatments each year to working 
horses, donkeys and mules and helps owners learn to care for their animals.

  Horse Webbers Against CrueltyAn internet campaign site which aims to highlight equine welfare.

The Iberian Rare Breeds Trust
A charitable trust that rescues and provides sanctuary for the endangered Giant Andalucian Donkey in Spain.


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