Horses have been used throughout history for work and transport and were probably driven before they were used for riding.  Tutankhamun's Tomb (1361-1352 BC) included a chariot!  Horses were used for pulling guns and military wagons, as well as for ploughing and pulling carriages and wagons containing goods and people. Most horse driving is now for leisure rather than work, although horses are still extensively used in third world countries.  They are also returning to favour for work in forestry.

There are show ring classes for different types of turnouts (and horses), judged on the quality of the turnout (horse, vehicle, harness and driver) and 'performance'.  Driving trials are based on  eventing, with the three competitions - dressage, marathon, and obstacle driving - scored on a penalty system.  


Driving a Harness Horse
Sallie Walrond LHHI, Anne Grahame Johnstone (Illustrator)

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