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Hunting with hounds for sport and pest control dates back more than a thousand years.  

Today, hunting live quarry (including foxes, hares and deer) in the UK is still a major - if controversial - equestrian activity, particularly in the UK.  In Ireland, foxhunting is favoured and attracts considerably less controversy.  In the USA, foxes and coyotes are hunted with very little controversy and foxhunting in Australia is seen as a public service!  

Draghunting, which involves hounds following a strong scent laid by a rider in advance of the hunt, or bloodhound hunting, where bloodhounds follow the scent of a runner - also called 'hunting the clean boot', attract a much smaller - though no less enthusiastic following.  In France, deer hunting with hounds is popular, but in Germany, draghunting is the only form of hunting that survives.

In some hunt countries, foxhunting requires a very bold horse who will jump big fences and hedges, but in many others, hounds can be followed more easily by children, novices, or the frankly frightened!  Draghunting usually involves a lot of jumping over pre-determined courses of jumps.  

The mounted followers of a hunt (called the field) are not involved in the actual hunting and must follow the Field Master - who will know the best routes and where the hunt is allowed to go.  While it is common for hunt followers to be styled 'huntsman' (particularly by those who are anti), each pack of hounds has one huntsman only - usually a professional.


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