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Polocrosse could be described as a cross between polo and lacrosse on horseback.   It probably dates back to a game first played in Japan over 1000 years ago, or to Buzkashi, still played in Afghanistan with a history of at least 700 years.  When first introduced to Europe in the 1930s, it was played in an indoor arena.

It traveled to Australia in 1939 and took off very quickly.  By 2000, there were 197 clubs with 3,682 players, 895 Umpires and 317 accredited Coaches.  By comparison, South Africa had 39 clubs with 563 players;  America - 400 players in 34 clubs and the UK has 16 clubs with 250 players (excluding Pony Club).

The field is 146.5 metres long and 55 metres wide with goal posts 2.5 m. apart at each end.  The shaft of the stick is 1 - 1.2 m. long with a linen or nylon net at the end in which the ball is carried.  There are two teams of six players each, with three playing alternate chukkas of eight minutes. Each rider has only one pony.


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