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Show Jumping


Show jumping is a relatively young sport, which tests the skill of horse and rider in negotiating obstacles that are easily knocked down.  It was accepted into the Olympic Games in 1912.

Frederico Caprilli (1868-1907) who pioneered the 'forward seat' laid the foundations for the sport, as a horse carrying the full weight of his rider on his back will be inclined to drag or drop his hind legs over a fence.

Show jumping is conducted either indoors or outdoors over artificial fences that fall down easily.  The aim is to jump the course within the time allowed (which is not fast) without knocking down any fences.  Faults are awarded for a knockdown (4), or a refusal.  Those who go clear jump-off, over a course that may be shortened in length or increased in height, to decide a winner, or the winner may be decided on the fastest round with the least number of faults.  If two or more are equal, there may be another jump-off.  

Show jumping is run under the rules of the governing organisation (in UK, the BSJA) that is affiliated to the national body(in the UK, the BEF) represented on the Fédéderation Equestre Internationale (FEI).   Horses are graded on results at 'affiliated' shows.  Unaffiliated shows and classes are run at local level for newcomers to the sport.

Show Jumping for Fun or Glory
Ernest Dillon, Helen Revington

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