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The name derives from the French name, Technique de Randonnee Equestre de Competition (T.R.E.C.).  The sport was first developed in France some 30 years ago to encourage the training and development of professional guides working within equestrian tourism, but it quickly spread to the tourists themselves and from there to other countries including Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium.  It was introduced to the UK in the mid-90s by the British Horse Society, which has continued to lead its development in the UK.

The competition is designed to test the horse and rider combinations through a range of activities, combining the requirements of trail riding, with jumping and flatwork.  It requires map reading skills and the ability to deal with all types of terrain, while showing control and riding ability. It could best be described as orienteering on horseback with a very modest amount of cross-country and dressage thrown in.  Although it requires the development of certain skills, it is within the reach of almost any horse and rider.

The BHS has very detailed information about TREC, including competition dates, at its website - click here.

Gate-opening and crossing ditches and streams may all be included in the tests. (Photos courtesy of the BHS.)

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