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Western Riding


Like so many of today's equestrian sports, western riding grew from the work day tasks of riders in earlier years.  The rapidly growing cattle industry in North America in the 19th century required skills and equipment designed for long hours in the saddle.

Western saddles were developed to be comfortable and practical and to aid in tasks such as roping.  The rope could be secured around the horn of the saddle to enable control of the beast. Western riding is essentially a matter of calmness and simplicity, and a relaxed type of horse is favoured - particularly the Quarter horse and the Appaloosa.  The Western rider uses a loose rein - often utilising a hackamore or a bosal and neck-reining is used.

Western riding has an enormous  following in the US with a wide range of events available, and is also very popular in Australia for leisure - the Australian stockman still favours the stock saddle and the Australian sports of camp drafting and roping.  It is just starting to become popular in the UK.   


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Western Horsemanship
Richard Shrake

Horse Illustrated Guide to Western Riding
L. Ward

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