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The Saddle-up Stable - Callie

We're not too sure how old Callie is - but she's certainly won't see her early 30's again!  She came to us 10 years ago from an overstocked owner, when we were looking for a companion pony.  We had suffered several embarrassing 'incidents' when a mare we owned then broke out of her stable to come and find her 'boyfriend' - who'd gone for a hack without her!

She's Welsh bred, and was never a suitable children's ponies.  Even now, the sight of a worming syringe is enough to cause some determined rearing.  Losing a fight with an ancient small pony IS rather undignified, so we give her the contents of the syringe in a sandwich (she is VERY good at sifting wormers out of feed.)

Callie - managing old ponies

Callie has suffered from Laminitis in the past so we have to watch her weight and have her feet regularly trimmed.

Update: December 2003

Callie is starting to show her age - the vet was VERY reluctant to tranquilise her in the summer to rasp her teeth because of her age.  But when she stood on her hind legs, he changed his mind!

She doesn't handle haylage very well and we have started using a chaff/dried grass mix called Senior - accompanied with sugar beet pulp and a little coarse mix - fed three times a day.  She is proving invaluable for teaching Surprise some manners.




Callie was put down in 2004 - she is sadly missed.


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