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The Saddle-up Stable  -  Brook's Bazaar

The United huntsman had one horse, on loan from one of the joint-Masters.  But one is not enough!  Enter Brook.  We found her at the High Peak Harriers in Derbyshire, where she had been ridden by the whipper-in for one season and was promoted to huntsman's horse with him.  She was for sale due to retirement of the Mastership.  She is by ID stallion Enniskeane Prince out of a TB mare -  Wardbrook (by Commandeer) - who also produced the coloured stallion Bazaars Texas.  She started her career eventing, and had several starts at pre-novice level.

She is quite lightly built, having taken to her dam's side rather than the Irish Draught, and a brilliant jumper.  We bought he part way through an already short season, but she proved very capable, and - while keen - is ridden in a happy mouth straight snaffle!  She did have some back problems which showed as difficult to bridle and a slightly scratchy gait in walk, but these were sorted by our back man, Barry Pearson-Adams.  She's seen here just after roughing off, and still looking very fit.  With good grass coming though, the next picture will show her a little fatter!

In the longer term, perhaps after two seasons, your editor has plans to breed from her.    

2003 Update

Brook and the huntsman had a 'parting of the ways' - and she has returned home to be put to Raj for a 2004 foal.

Early Winter 2003

Brook proved very co-operative.  She is safely in foal and rather a different shape now!


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