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The Saddle-up Stable  -  Bruno

Bruno belonged to a very fine hunting gentleman, Billy Plowden of Plowden Hall, who died recently and will be sorely missed.  He hunted Bruno last season, although 79 years of age and with rapidly failing health.  And Bruno is NO slouch!  Keen, strong, and an excellent jumper.

Knowing his health was failing, Billy very kindly offered the horse as a gift to Robert (who had just taken on the joint-Mastership of the United Pack) - knowing the horse would have a good home for life.  Bruno was left at Caroline Medding's livery yard (Bow House Farm) near Plowden Hall during Billy's last weeks, so he could visit him for a last time.  Billy died several weeks after visiting Bruno (and stuffing him full of Polos).  We'd like to think there's a Heaven, because Billy definitely belonged there!  While fighting a painful illness, his first thought was for the future well-being of the horse he loved.

Bruno is a quality 17 h.h. HW hunter - 13 years young!  His ONLY 'fault' is that he suffers from Sweet Itch.  While there are any number of local applications, repellents and other treatments for this condition, prevention is - to my mind - better than cure!  So Bruno was fitted out with a Boett blanket.

He looks somewhat odd in it - we admit - but Billy's former groom (who is still looking after Bruno at Bow House Farm) says his mane and tail have never been better!

He still has a small, troublesome patch around his tail which we hope will improve with time and care.


Bruno had a super first season, carrying the Field Master with distinction during what was (thanks to FMD) a very short season.  His manners are impeccable, and although he is keen and quite strong, being at the front of the field means he doesn't HAVE to pull!  AND he actually had enough mane to plait, thanks to the success of the Boett blanket.  He is being kept in light work over the summer, being ridden 3 or 4 times a week but living at grass.

In the summer of 2003, he came home.  We kept him in an electric fenced enclosure (with the trees outside the fence) and this ensured no damage either to his coat - or the blanket!

Still a bit of rubbing, but before he had his Boett Blanket, the top of his tail was often raw.


Boxing Day Meet 2003 - in festive mood!


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