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The Saddle-up Stable  -  Gus

Gus is the newest addition to the Saddle-up stable.  He was purchased in July after he 'jumped off the page' of the Horse and Hound classifieds.  He is 16.3 h.h., a registered Irish Draft, and 8 years old.  He was shown lightly in in-hand and ridden classes as a 4 and five year old, but his owner is a successful Dalmatian exhibitor and the dogs took up too much time.  Gus is still quite green but has a near perfect temperament and so far we have discovered no real faults.  He has been a bit 'spooky' in his first weeks as he gets used to new places and people, and has just a little try-on if he doesn't want to do something.  He is seriously offended by motor-bikes!


Despite the hot weather since he arrived, he has not yet shown any sign of sunburn on that pink nose!  He also has pink skin under his white socks, so we will have to be careful with cleaning and drying his legs - as this tends to predispose to mud fever and greasy heel.  At present, we're just hacking him quietly and getting him a little fitter.  But before the hunting season gets under way (whenever that might be!) we will be taking him for some cross-country schooling.  He has done no real jumping at all.


In December 2001, Gus went over to Bow House Farm to start his jumping training, and in late January started a few quiet day's hunting (without jumping!)  First day, he went like a lamb.  Second day, he was starting to recognise FUN.  Third day - he bounced and jigged until your editor collapsed in a screaming heap!    He was coming behind the bit - and all his movement was going UPwards instead of forwards.  So we got the back man in, and discovered he had quite a few problems in his back and shoulders.  We decided that more schooling was needed before any more hunting - for his sake and that of his rider! 



Summer 2002

Gus was been kept in light work through the summer, and had a visit from the osteopath who found quite a lot to fix.  He continues to please: he's really a VERY nice 'person' and a pleasure to ride and handle.  He's a terrific 'doer' and has stayed very well 'covered' on just grass and a mineral lick.


Winter 2003

Time marches on, but the pressures of the new stud enterprise and his rider's back problems means Gus has not done a great deal!  Here he is pictured loose schooling in the new manege.


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