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The Saddle-up 'Home'

Renovations - Part 4

Summer 2002

Well, it's taken rather longer than planned (doesn't it always!) but the new stable block is nearly complete.


Remember what it looked like ?



I would have preferred a wider front door but it is VERY exposed and the internal layout also created problems.  The building is 40 ft long x 20 ft deep.  Originally I had planned to have the boxes 14 ft deep with a 7 ft corridor - but decided to use the space for the boxes instead!


  The boxes at either end are 20 ft x 12 ft and open onto the short corridor in front of the middle box - which is 12 ft x 16 ft.

There are translucent light sheets on both ends and along the front, giving good natural light.

This is the short end of the building, and the box this end has a second door opening to the outside.  It's the 'sheltered' end - and the existing concrete sloped quite nicely to an outside drain - so this box was earmarked for Murphy (who wees for Britain!)  

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