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The Saddle-up 'Home'

Renovations -
Large Barn

As soon as you start accumulating horses, the age-old problem arises.  Not enough stabling!  So my eyes turned to the 'big barn'!  Not ideal for the purposes, having been built on two levels to suit a sloping site - but needs must!

This pic shows the difference in level - the lower section of the barn is just 15' wide and the upper section is about 19 feet wide.  The length is 60 ft.  Even the two sections were 'divided' by a concrete ridge in the floor.   Looking down the lower section a week after starting work.  A large 15'x15' box is under construction, and the ridge in the centre of the floor has been dug out and smoothed over with new concrete.

  For the upper section, we decided on 4 x 12'x 12' boxes using internal partitions supplied by West of England Stabling.  This small family firm got the business because the specification of the boxes was very robust, the price was very competitive AND they could deliver quickly!


Being on a budget, I selected the unpainted option and spent two weeks painting the 'bits': with hindsight, it might have been better to get them already painted as it took a LOT of time.  I was not quite finished when the builders arrived to start erecting them.

The front partitions came with the steelwork ready made  up with just the very thick (and heavy!) hardwood panels to be fitted.  The sides and backs came as separate components made up of steel channel and the hardwood panels - a heavy job, but they quickly took shape.

The boxes in the top section have their backs to the middle of the barn (and to the lower boxes.)  This arrangement was partly dictated by the change in floor levels - and also to provide extra shelter.  We hope that full cladding of the short wall will not be necessary - ensuring the stables stay cool and well ventilated in summer.  
See the completed stables here.

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