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Spinal Research


The Saddle-up 'Home'

Renovation Work


Well - we've made SOME progress! 



This is the old lean-to as it was.

  The rebuilding started in May:

And made quite speedy progress for a couple of days!

And the rain came.  Then the builder went on holidays!

But finally - it's NEARLY done!


I would have preferred a wider front door but it is VERY exposed and the internal layout also created problems.  The building is 40 ft long x 20 ft deep.  Originally I had planned to have the boxes 14 ft deep with a 7 ft corridor - but decided to use the space for the boxes instead!
The boxes at either end are 20 ft x 12 ft and open onto the short corridor in front of the middle box - which is 12 ft x 16 ft.


There are translucent light sheets on both ends and along the front, giving good natural light.


This is the short end of the building, and the box this end has a second door opening to the outside.  It's the 'sheltered' end - and the existing concrete sloped quite nicely to an outside drain - so this box was earmarked for Murphy (who wees for Britain!)

Slightly different from the old view!


January 2004
The new building has now been in use for just over a year and works well.  The large end box (20'x12') accommodates Lady's Tralee Raj, and Gus lives next door.  The other large end box, which has an exceptionally sloping floor, is used as a horse wash.

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