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The Saddle-up 'Home'


Until 2001, our horses have been away at livery in the winter months.  Then, your editor's husband  become an MFH - (I KNEW I shouldn't have taught him to jump!) and I 'retired' from full-time employment.  Horse numbers started to increase!

So we embarked on some renovations and extensions! 




  This tumble-down lean-to building wasn't much use!  The wilderness area in front of it had been totally neglected for 6 years (and wasn't too trim before that!)

Under the brambles there was a lot of hardcore (and a sheep dip, and a broken down fence, and ... who knows!)


No - the picture's not crooked - the uprights aren't (upright, that is.) And half the roof is missing.   This is the NEW view.
The lean-to is seen above from the yard-end:- it's a level below the barn where the existing boxes are.

The view to the left is taken from just outside the other short side (if there was a side!) up the hill towards the house. (Now the site of our new manege.)


And this was the view down the yard.  

Under that big clump of bramble, there was a sheep dip and some metal penning!  The big barn in the background (with lean-to) is in better shape, and - two years on - now accomodates some new stabling.


Henry (the 'rescue' Springer) is not MEANT to be helping - but he jumps the garden fence!


It would have been much easier to put a bulldozer through the lot.  But under the brambles there were too many 'hazards', not least a water pipe that our 'tame farmer' ran down to the field he used for his cattle - he didn't bother to bury it!  So I've been cutting 'firebreaks' around the worst clumps of bramble, dumping the cut material on top along with any yard rubbish I could find, and then having a bonfire.

To the right of the picture, where the trees are, the ground falls away steeply to a creek, so once it's clear we'll level it, and top it with extra hardcore and it should stay quite dry.

Of course, we (I) have got about six weeks to do all this in - will we (I) make it!

Update:  We didn't (make it!)  But that was o.k. as things changed, hunting under license was introduced and the horses went to the kennels or to the livery yard.  The stable renovation plans were put 'on hold' for better weather.  See latest here.

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