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Spinal Research


The Saddle-up Stable  -  Jester

The hunt staff started the season with three horses between them, increased in January with the addition of Brook.  Although two horses each for a two (sometimes 3) day a week pack sounds plenty, hunt horses do work harder than those of the mounted followers, and the huntsman can't elect to have a short day to 'save his horse'.  There were a couple of minor injuries that put one horse out for a few days or a week, putting extra pressure on the others, and we discussed the possibility of a 'spare' for next season.  Then we heard that Jester was for sale.


I first saw Jester 15 months ago at Bow House, where he was at livery.  He was about to go up to Liverpool University for treatment of the worst case of sarcoids I had ever seen (not his first outbreak!)  When he arrived, Derek Knottenbolt thought he was past hope - but the insurance company refused to authorise humane destruction so Derek decided to treat him with an experimental (expensive) drug.  It worked - and Jester has been free of sarcoids for over a year now.  Obviously there is no guarantee he will stay that way and his owner, who had to sell for family reasons, was more interested in a good home where he would be cared for (or put down) if things went wrong, so for a very small three figure sum, he was ours.

He's a lovely horse, very friendly and kind natured, who LOVES chewing things - you have to be very careful with bridles, lead reins or anything he can shove in his mouth.  He has also done very little hacking out, and although o.k. with cars and lorries, will spook for Britain at the strangest things!  So lots of hacking out during the summer should (hopefully) give him a bit more confidence to 'go anywhere'.

Summer 2002 Update

Jester has also been treated by the osteopath - having a few problems in the back and neck.  He's continued to improve and will shortly take up residence at the hunt kennels.

Spring 2003 Update

Jester is back home for his summer holidays.  Brook and the huntsman had a 'falling out' early in the season and she returned home and is shortly to meet up with Raj!  Jester took over as one of the huntsman's two horses and has worked out very well in the role.  He remains (fingers crossed) sarcoid free!



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