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What the non-horsey people say:


They never come to see us anymore. Say they got to take care of their horses all the time and don't trust anyone else to do it.

Every time I go to their house she's always wearing those smelly, stained leggings with the patches on the knees.

The knocker on their door is a horse's head. Their house is furnished with horsey motifs. I swear if one of their horses die, they will have it stuffed and placed in the living room.

When you walk into their house it smells and looks like the House of Bondage. Leather straps, saddles, whips, collars, metal things to control the head. These people are really kinky.

She's always whining about the vet bills, farrier (what's that?) bills, feed bills, the cost of tack. But when I suggested she sell her horses and eliminate everything, she looked at me like I just shot her mother.

She lets her 5 year old child ride bareback on an unbroken pony.  But when I asked if I could take her to the beach for the day she told me, 'No, the beach is too dangerous for Amy.'

Their Christmas Cards include pictures of all their horses with Seasons greetings from each nag at the bottom of the card. We call them our 'Mr. Ed' Christmas cards, since the horses seem to talk to you.

We invited them to go camping with us last week. When they showed up they bought 3 of their horses with them. They kept us up all night long, snorting and carrying on until the sun came up.

They live in a caravan with five children, three dogs, and two cats. But you go in their back yard and they have an immaculate stable block, filled with beautiful horses

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