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Hunt Horses

For his sins, your editor's husband is a Master of Hounds and one of the pleasures of that 'job' is providing horses for the hunt staff to ride.  At some hunts, the committee buys the horses, at others, they are collectively owned by the Joint Masters (which can cause problems if one Master leaves.)  But all bar one of the horses at 'our' hunt have been purchased by me - and spend their summer holidays here.



12 y.o, 16.2hh. Gelding
Warmblood by Odysseus

We purchased Jester at 'the right price' because of his extensive sarcoid history.  Thanks to the efforts of Derek Knottenbolt at Liverpool University, this lovely horse was saved and has now been sarcoid-free for nearly 3 years.


9 y.o., 16.1 h.h. mare
TB x Welsh Cob

Amy was purchased from Saddle-up member 'Kyajay' - she is pictured here shortly after her arrival.  She hadn't hunted before and I kept her at home for 2 months to get her fit - she proved to be a real lady - except with the vet!


9 y.o. 16.1 hh mare - TB x Connemara

Smint had previously hunted with a teenager at the Wynnstay but proved a little too keen.  She LOVES hunting - and has proved a very useful hunt horse indeed (if hard to keep clean.).


Amy at the kennels 3 months later - a proven and capable hunt horse who loves her jumping!

It is no accident that - with the exception of Jester - all the hunt horses we have bought have been mares.  Accidents do happen and I wanted to know that - if they couldn't hunt in future - these horses would have a role.  So all were bought as possible future brood mares.  


16.2 - 9 y.o. Believed IrishxTB

This smart chestnut mare had done a little bit of everything before we got her - but she lives to hunt (you would not want to ride her in the field though - she must be at the front!)

Katie has now been replaced at the kennels by Batty.  Katie will - hopefully - be foaling to Raj in 2005.


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