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Spinal Research


Advertise on Saddle-Up


You may advertise your company in Marketplace, for just 4.50 per month or 45.00 per year.
For example:

For web design, hosting and promotion.


You can advertise your site on every page of the Saddle-Up site for just 30 per month or 300 per year.  Your logo or picture linked to your site in the left hand border of every page. (maximum 90 x 120 pixels)


A scrolling banner on the Home Page will cost you just 30.00 per month.  The same banner on main category pages is 15.00 per month and on other pages, just 10.00 a month.

Your banner in the bottom border of every page will cost just 35 per month or 350 per year.




We would be happy to discuss other options.  
Please call us on 01299 841 338

If you don't have a website yet, we can help - please click here.



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