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Saddle-up Answers

If you have a problem and would like some help from other Saddle-up readers - or if you would like to help others sort out their problems, the Message Board is the best place to start.  There are literally dozens of knowledgeable horse owners on line every day willing to share their knowledge and experience. 

Past reader problems

from Catherine: - I have a 15.2hh Arab, who is in the region of 25 yrs, she has lost a lot of her teeth, and now she will not eat hay at all.  Complete story here  

from Chrissy: - I have just purchased a 2yr old filly, bought from a video (hence I did not see her stable vices, until she arrived). The problem is that when she is put into the stable she will kick at the walls constantly ... Complete story here

from: Kim -  I have a 15.1hh mare. She is a lovely horse who loves jumping but has a real problem with it . Complete story here... 

from: Eve  - I have been offered "grass keep" for my 2 Welsh Cob Sec D mares. The site is fenced securely and about 8 miles away. Water is available and there is plenty of long meadow grass. No stock have been kept on this site for years.  What sort of problems might I come up against? My mares have been on the same farm for 5yrs and i am nervous about moving them from familiar territory?  Can someone please advise me.  Answers here  

from: Several readers - following the news of the death of Dubai Millennium from grass sickness, how big a risk is this disease to the average horse owner?  Answers here.

from E.W. Cumbria  A young mare has developed a sarcoid between her front legs.  She knocks it and makes it bleed when lying down (it is well in front of the girth area.)  What treatments are there for sarcoids?  Answers here. 

from R.D., Worcs. 
I have been given a horse that suffers from Sweet Itch.  I'm considering investing 150 in a Boett blanket to help solve the problem.  Has anyone used one of these - or does anyone have a tried and tested method of controlling this scourge?     Answers here

from S.R. Essex.  My 5 year old part TB is good in traffic in company.  But on his own, he's a menace - shying at everything that moves!  Any suggestions other than patience?   Answers here



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