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Our busy message boards contain invaluable advice and information but it can sometimes prove difficult to find the relevant threads.  So we will collect the best of them here, edited and indexed, so you can find information on almost any subject easily.

PLEASE remember that every horse is different and even if you have a horse problem identical to one discussed here, the suggested solutions are not necessarily the right ones for your horse.  There is NO substitute for an expert who can actually see the horse and discuss its problems with you - certainly in behaviour or health problems, your first port of call should be your vet.

More articles will be added regularly

Access:  B.O.A.T.s
Alternative Therapies:  Magnetic Rugs;
Behaviour:  Horses who biteHard to catchAggression - self-mutilation
Clipping:  What sort of clip?;
Facilities: Dealing with muddy gatewaysOutdoor schooling areas
Farrier and Foot Care: Cytek shoeingFarrier's Formula
Feeding: Hay, haylage, silageSoaking hay (and Ragwort) ; Carrot tops - other plants; Conkers (horse chestnut); Multi-vitaminsFeeding Thoroughbreds in winterHay in field; Making feeds more interesting; 
Fitness: Getting fit to race
Livery:  Livery - part livery, problems and responsibilitiesLiability; VAT on livery
Loan arrangements:  Loan horses - ownership disputes;
Management:  Rubber MattingPasture ManagementWhat bedding to use;
Rugging:  When to rug:   Which rug?   Anti-rub bibs.
Training: Napping HorseThe Walk
Training Aids:  Pressure Halters:
Veterinary: First Aid kitStringhalt/?ShiversRegumate/Stroppy Mare; Worming - keep in or out:

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