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If you don't have a web site but would like the 'world' to see your favourite horse, e-mail us a picture (with a caption) and we'll publish it here.  Please ensure that YOU own the copyright of any pictures you send - if it was taken by a professional photographer, you will need his/her permission to publish it.

Click on a name below to see their pics:


Always Remembered 
Tributes to horses sadly missed.

Memories - Page 2.

Memories - Page 3.

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The 'best' horse ever-owned by your editor.  A New Zealand bred TB who failed as a racehorse but made it to the top as a showjumper. Pictured here after winning the Victorian Show Jumping Championships in 1974.  Sold to Ferdi Tyteka for the '76 Olympics (but they didn't get on!)

Flying High - Jeff McVean
Jeff returned from a season in England claiming to have his legs 'sorted' (see strap from stirrup to girth.)  This picture taken at Whittlesea Show in 1976 showed he hadn't quite cracked it.



Pics from Issy Hotten
Issy Hotten's warmblood - Hamlet (16.2 Danish, 12 years)

And another view (and shade) of Hamlet.



Issy Hotten's Idris (doing the affiliated Novice water at Wokingham - she says: I'm getting hold of the mane ready for the BIG step out!)


NOT horsey - but too cute to exclude!
Issy's Korat kittens (she breeds them)

Pics from AnnabelleH
Doc a Dutch Warmblood type, 16HH, 7 year old gelding and far too intelligent Doc again - notice his short tail? This happened when he was transported over from Holland and they did the tail bandage up too tight - poor love.
This is Saracen, a Welsh x TB, 16HH, 10 year old gelding - our "happy hacker".
This is Bracken, she is 19 months old and is Arab x Fresian and really laid back (at the moment anyway!)

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If you'd like to add your favourite horse picture to the Saddle-up Gallery, please e-mail it as a Jpg or gif file to the Editor.  Please include a caption.


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