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The Saddle-up Stable

In this section, we introduce horses owned (and in some cases just cared for) by Saddle-up's Editor.  There have been a few changes in the past year - and the 'stable' has expanded somewhat!  We'll also include details of routine pasture management and stable jobs, which might give you some ideas.  

Click on the picture of each horse to find out more about it and how it's managed.

And read more about our Irish Draught breeding project - here

2004 Foals - here


The outdoor Manege
11 y.o, 17.0h.h. mare
Thoroughbred x Percheron

Now the proud mum of a coloured colt by Bazaar's Texas.

The Horses'
Summer Home

Stable Block completed

Pasture Management

11 y.o., 16.3 h.h. gelding
Registered Irish Draught

Now getting fit for the 2004/5 hunting season


murphy1.jpg (11401 bytes)


Bruno.jpg (9291 bytes)

20 y.o. 16.2 h.h. gelding
Breeding unknown

Now retired and enjoying life as a paddock companion/mentor to youngstock.



14 y.o., 17 h.h. gelding
Breeding unknown

Now getting fit for the 2004/5 hunting season

wpe1.jpg (9023 bytes)


wpe3.jpg (12268 bytes)

Brook's Bazaar
10 y.o., 16. h.h. bay mare
Irish Draft x TB.

Now the proud mum of a filly by Lady's Tralee Raj


9 y.o. 16.2 bay gelding
Hannovarian x IDxTB

Now a hunt horse


Callie.jpg (9898 bytes)

  Amy1.jpg (15774 bytes)

?39 y.o. 13.2 h.h. mare

Sadly put to sleep this Spring.



9 y.o., 16.2 hh mare
Believed TB x Welsh

Now a hunt horse


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